People Need Hope

New single out now

Out now is our song  “People Need Hope”,  Joseph Israel in combination with Gentleman from Germany and Tarrus Riley from Jamaica.  Three the conscious way! “People Need Hope” the first song he’s ever recorded in combination with two other artists. He’s joined by Gentleman from Germany and Tarrus Riley from Jamaica on this uplifting single flavored with live horns recorded in Jamaica from legendary players,  saxophonist Dean Fraser and trombonist Nambo Robinson. The one-drop style reggae groove with its playful horn line fortifies the universal message of hope in the compelling chorus “people need hope today, so they can work it out” the latter portion enhanced with call and response style support vocals.  Gentleman delivers the intro calling out the three artists and proclaiming “where there is hope there is life, tired of the war and strife”  Joseph’s bars highlight the positive works of people acting for change on the front lines.  Civil rights activists and environmental workers are featured as examples of hope in our world.  Tarrus Riley sings the chorus with his signature vibrato and a dose of  encouragement in his bars for  the “times so serious life seems hopeless, but we gonna keep on moving”. With an instrumental outro including a powerful solo from Mr. Fraser,  Matt Smith performs a guitar solo on pace with the uptempo chorus.

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